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Belly Balance Team

Belly Balance is a pioneering health-tech company, founded by women. Driven by our vision to reach 1 million individuals by 2027, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for countless people. At the heart of Belly Balance is our core value: empowering individuals to take control of their health. We strive to create a better, healthier world where everyone feels empowered to manage their own well-being.


Our team stands out because we’re all hands-on in both strategic decisions and running our business every day. We all love what we do and are committed to our mission. We’re more than just coworkers; we’re partners working together to create change.

Our medical team

Our specialists stand behind the digital product that has helped hundreds of thousands of people with digestive issues: Kaitlin Colucci is a UK registered dietitian specializing in IBS and the low FODMAP diet, as well as other complex gastrointestinal disorders. Sofia Antonsson is one of Sweden’s leading experts within gut health and IBS. She is a registered dietitian who introduced the low FODMAP diet into Swedish healthcare. Dr. Atrin Sahafi is a highly skilled specialist physician in gastroenterology and internal medicine. He seamlessly integrates his expertise as a gastroenterologist and hepatologist with a thoughtful approach to alternative medicines, dietary considerations, and gut flora. 

Abstract photo of dietitian and doctor

Meet the team

Image of Lisa Björnskär

Lisa Björnskär


Image of Sofia

Sofia Antonsson

CPO, Founder, Registered Dietitian

Image of Felix

Felix Sigot


Image of Fatemeh

Fatemeh M. Molin


Image of Andreas

Andreas Åström


Image of Atrin

Atrin Sahafi


Image of Kaitlin

Kaitlin Colucci

Registered Dietitian

Image of Hillevi

Hillevi Lindh

Marketing / SOME

Image of Helen

Helen Sahlstrand

Registered Dietitian

Image of Robert

Robert Johansson

Lead Developer

Image of Elin

Elin Nyman

UX/UI Designer

Image of Matilda

Matilda Andersson

Customer Success

Image of Zakarie

Zakarie Warsame 

Developer Intern

Image of Brandon

Brandon Liew 

Design Intern

Image of Patrik

Patrik Yachouh

Marketing Automation Intern

Image of Emelie

Emelie Wilkman

SEO Specialist Intern, SE

Image of John

John Jonsson

Analyst Intern

Image of Adetayo

Adeyayo Peters 

SEO Specialist Intern, UK

Image of Astrid

Astrid Harborn

Content Specialist Intern